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APPLE iPhone 7 128GB 110
APPLE iPhone 7 32GB 79
APPLE iPhone 5S 16GB 70
APPLE iPhone 7 Plus 128GB 66
APPLE iPhone 6 16GB 53
APPLE iPhone 6S 16GB 45
APPLE iPhone 7 Plus 32GB 35
APPLE iPhone SE 16GB 34
APPLE iPhone 7 256GB 31
APPLE iPhone 5 16GB 30

Top buying requests

APPLE iPhone 7 128GB 49
APPLE iPhone 7 Plus 128GB 38
APPLE iPhone 7 32GB 38
APPLE iPhone 6S 64GB 28
APPLE iPhone 7 Plus 32GB 22
APPLE iPhone 5S 16GB 22
APPLE iPhone 7 256GB 17
APPLE iPhone 7 Plus 256GB 16
APPLE iPhone 6S 32GB 15
APPLE iPhone SE 16GB 11

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APPLE iPhone 7 32GB 353
APPLE iPhone 6S 32GB 164
APPLE iPhone 6S 16GB 117
APPLE iPhone 7 Plus 32GB 59
APPLE iPhone 6 16GB 53
APPLE iPhone 6S 64GB 49
APPLE iPhone 7 128GB 48
APPLE iPhone 7 Plus 128GB 38
APPLE iPhone 6S Plus 32GB 35
APPLE iPhone 6S Plus 16GB 28

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