Alongside our trading platform we also offer a wide range of services for our clients
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Device Diagnostics

Test and Repair

Detailed and extensive tests on handsets to fault-find and diagnose issues. Our fully trained engineers can work on all types of repairs such as LCD screen replacements, speaker, microphone, bluetooth, WiFi faults and even water damage.

Data Removal

Certified Data Wiping

Permanent deletion and removal of sensitive user data from devices allowing for resale without the worries of the possibility of recovery of previous user data.

Software Configuration

Flashing and Unlocking

We can flash all types of mobile phone which are Android or Windows operating system namely Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, BlackBerry, LG, Motorola, Nexus. Regional and language flashing and network customization. Removing network locks from handsets so they can be used on any network.

Repacking Solutions

Boxing, kitting and labeling

Repacking handsets from damaged, 14-day or branded boxes to original, generic or bespoke packaging. Adding original accessories such as mains chargers, headsets, data cables as per clients request. Removing old labels and printing new labels for handsets and packaging ready for resale.

Inventory Services

Pick and Pack Fulfilment

Storage, order pick/pack, dispatch, drop shipping, stock control of a wide range of products such as mobile phones, consumer electronics, parts and accessories.

Stock Reporting

Processing and Grading

Receiving customer’s stocks and retail returns, sorting handsets into make, model, spec. Sorting handsets into all cosmetic conditions such as Grade A, B and C to achieve maximum value in resale and global export markets.

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